International Women’s Day – Celebrating the March on Washington: Portland Oregon Style

I’m posting this event late, but the energy of the day needs to live on indefinitely, and it seemed fitting to share my moments on International Women’s Day. Please Note: To my followers who may not know me well, I’m a new mom to a now 8 month old, a mom to a 16 year-old,Continue reading “International Women’s Day – Celebrating the March on Washington: Portland Oregon Style”

Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since we moved into our new home! We owe the fabulous non-profit Proud Ground for the amazing opportunity. When I first moved to Portland 5+ years ago, I noticed houses with “Proud Ground” signs in front indicating the home was for sale. I looked into Proud GroundContinue reading “Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents”

Triple “R” July & August Give-Back

Racking up those give-back hours this summer, I’m working on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle realm – wrapped up in the all-important education component. I started a compost bucket a few weeks ago at work. It was something I thought about for months, but I wasn’t sure how well-received it would be. Some people think, “ohContinue reading “Triple “R” July & August Give-Back”

Celebrating Earth Day 2015

One of my favorite days to celebrate! Here’s a little history: “The very first Earth Day, April 22nd, 1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. Groups thatContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Day 2015”


March 28th, 2015 is a Big Day! This Saturday provides several ways to ramp up for April Earth Month! If you are near the coast, you have the opportunity to give back to Oregon in the morning hours by volunteering with SOLVE at one of their beach cleanup sites. (Obviously a nonprofit I love sinceContinue reading “SOLVE, NATIVE PLANTS & EARTH HOUR UNITE!”

The 2013 Job Journey Conclusion- and Many Many Thanks!

I haven’t had as much time to write blog posts recently, but I wanted to get a final update out for all those rallying behind me in my job seeking goals the past year. After 9 months of being unemployed or underemployed, I now have a full time job! Woohoo for consistent money! Here isContinue reading “The 2013 Job Journey Conclusion- and Many Many Thanks!”

Urban Backyard Farming Part II

  A Look Back…Late Summer 2013 -August Harvest- Although I haven’t had time to write new blog posts, I collected photos and took notes over the past few months, and as promised, here is part II to my urban farm story. Our darling chickens started laying in mid-August. I was a very proud mama, and weContinue reading “Urban Backyard Farming Part II”

Roadside Libraries

Free Books Right on the Side of the Road! Several months ago, walking my dogs around the neighborhood in North Portland, I came across this little box on the side of the road. Obviously I was intrigued with my first roadside library encounter. I started envisioning walking down here with my daughter and the dogs,Continue reading “Roadside Libraries”