Columbia Slough Part III – The Interview…A Peek Behind The Scenes

-Volunteer Series-             The Interview    Columbia Slough Watershed Council (CSWC)                                              Meet The Employees!                              Nathan Barrett –Continue reading “Columbia Slough Part III – The Interview…A Peek Behind The Scenes”

A Year to Volunteer!

Project Introduction “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi Aligning with this years networking focus, and launching my presence out in the community, I am VOLUNTEERING! I have volunteered for more than a dozen organizations in various capacities over the years ranging from tablingContinue reading “A Year to Volunteer!”

Snow, Soul Healing Fun, with a Story of Planned Obsolescence

In my year-long journey to explore areas closer to home, my second adventure included a beautiful warm sunny day on Mt. Hood. Growing up in Bend Oregon, I had plenty of experiences on and around Mt. Bachelor, but I’ve  explored the Mt. Hood area very little. I grew up cross-country skiing, and honestly didn’t care forContinue reading “Snow, Soul Healing Fun, with a Story of Planned Obsolescence”

Columbia Slough Part II- Natural Surroundings Education

-Columbia Slough near Columbia Blvd. Wastewater Treatment Facility- I’m a huge proponent in learning about your natural surroundings. What are the native species in your area? What are the bodies of water near you, and the mountains and hills that surround your city/town? Do you know where your tap water comes from? I encourage everyoneContinue reading “Columbia Slough Part II- Natural Surroundings Education”

Columbia Slough- What Is It?

(Columbia Slough on Bike Bridge Near the Wastewater Treatment Plant) Whenever I move to a new area, I immediately seek out the nature spots nearby, and best places to walk my dogs. When I moved to Portland OR., and started exploring my neighborhood, I stumbled upon the nature reserve on Columbia Boulevard next to theContinue reading “Columbia Slough- What Is It?”

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Historic Sellwood

-Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge – View from Trail Platform- I didn’t travel too far from home with this month’s outdoor adventure. Living in Portland, we are so blessed with pockets of nature right in the city! I have good friends that live in the Sellwood neighborhood in SE Portland, not far from the entrances toContinue reading “Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Historic Sellwood”

The Dance of Networking

As I stated in my “The Long Hiatus is Finally Over” post, one of my main goals this year is NETWORKING. So, I have been inviting folks to join my LinkedIn network, following more professionals on Twitter, and commenting on blogs and articles I find interesting. All of this increases my online presence and participation,Continue reading “The Dance of Networking”

Exploring Sauvie Island

My very favorite new sights and things to experience are natural areas. A visit to the woods, river, beach, anything that gets me outdoors! (I’m known to really love patios and rooftop bars/restaurants as well). So, it made perfect sense that my first outing on my year-long mission to explore something new every month, wasContinue reading “Exploring Sauvie Island”

Enjoying My Immediate Surroundings- A Year of Exploration!

I got bit by the travel bug when I was very young, and as my fellow travelers, adventurers and explorers can attest, I constantly crave new sights and experiences. I am nearly always up for going someplace new, always dreaming of my next big vacation, and I would love a career that provided me opportunitiesContinue reading “Enjoying My Immediate Surroundings- A Year of Exploration!”

The Long Hiatus is Finally Over!

I haven’t written in more than a year, and I’m back! In my final year as a student at the University of Oregon, I wrapped up the two degrees I was working on, took on way too many internships trying to beef up that resume, and worked two jobs, all while raising my daughter asContinue reading “The Long Hiatus is Finally Over!”