Roadside Libraries

Free Books Right on the Side of the Road! Several months ago, walking my dogs around the neighborhood in North Portland, I came across this little box on the side of the road. Obviously I was intrigued with my first roadside library encounter. I started envisioning walking down here with my daughter and the dogs,Continue reading “Roadside Libraries”

Backyard Farming-Chickens to Corn: Part 1

…Enjoying Our Own Backyard… -Hadlie and our friendliest Chicken Scarlet- I thought I would share some of our homey photos, and our summer backyard fun.  After years of thinking about getting chickens, we finally took the plunge two months ago. Although we are vegetarians we eat eggs, and having fresh eggs from chickens we careContinue reading “Backyard Farming-Chickens to Corn: Part 1”

Hiking The Gorge – Oregon Side

Columbia Gorge -View From the Top-                                                                                                  Continue reading “Hiking The Gorge – Oregon Side”

Exploring Powell Butte Nature Park (East Portland)

As dog owners, we are always trying to find new pockets of nature to explore that are dog friendly. (i.e.- We won’t bother others if we let them off leash, and we aren’t in danger of getting in trouble.) As an eco-concious person however, I also want to ensure the area isn’t sensitive to disturbance,Continue reading “Exploring Powell Butte Nature Park (East Portland)”

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and Lessons in Avian Health

Although I enjoy my natural “wild” areas, I also really love city parks. Stumbling upon Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden was such a treat for me in a day that was packed with appointments and informational interviews. I had two hours between items on my calendar, when I typed “city park” into my trusty smart phone, andContinue reading “Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and Lessons in Avian Health”

Snow, Soul Healing Fun, with a Story of Planned Obsolescence

In my year-long journey to explore areas closer to home, my second adventure included a beautiful warm sunny day on Mt. Hood. Growing up in Bend Oregon, I had plenty of experiences on and around Mt. Bachelor, but I’ve  explored the Mt. Hood area very little. I grew up cross-country skiing, and honestly didn’t care forContinue reading “Snow, Soul Healing Fun, with a Story of Planned Obsolescence”

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Historic Sellwood

-Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge – View from Trail Platform- I didn’t travel too far from home with this month’s outdoor adventure. Living in Portland, we are so blessed with pockets of nature right in the city! I have good friends that live in the Sellwood neighborhood in SE Portland, not far from the entrances toContinue reading “Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Historic Sellwood”

Exploring Sauvie Island

My very favorite new sights and things to experience are natural areas. A visit to the woods, river, beach, anything that gets me outdoors! (I’m known to really love patios and rooftop bars/restaurants as well). So, it made perfect sense that my first outing on my year-long mission to explore something new every month, wasContinue reading “Exploring Sauvie Island”