Comment Policies

Comment Policies

  • I will not restrict access to my blog of specific individuals or groups.
  • I encourage comments on all my blog posts.
  • I reserve the right to monitor comments.
  • I will approve all comments unless they contain spam, hate speech, or are way off topic.
  • I will not remove comments once they are published.
  • I will put emphasis on building relationships and networking by responding to e-mails and comments promptly.

Code Of Ethics

I have posted the following Code of Ethics to advocate accountability, accuracy and honesty in this blog. The Code is not intended to limit anyone’s freedom of speech nor discourage anyone from participating in the blog.


  •  This blog will always be written with the care of a professional in a respectful and civil manner.
  • I will practice good journalism by posting the most accurate information I can find, always researching topics, and fact checking. I will not plagiarize and will respect copyright on photos and other work.
  • Attributes will always be given to individual contributions. 
  • If I am writing about something or someone I am emotionally, or financially connected to, I will be up front about it.


  • I will visit and post on other appropriate blogs to encourage the sharing of ideas and networking.
  • Links back to other sources will be provided whenever possible so readers can find additional information on research and projects.


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