Hanford Nuclear Site- What You May Not Know

Image Source “If you are concerned about the fluoride debate, you should be REALLY concerned about the Hanford site.”                                                 -Green drinks guest speaker This Months Portland Green Drinks featured a presentationContinue reading “Hanford Nuclear Site- What You May Not Know”

Columbia Slough Part II- Natural Surroundings Education

-Columbia Slough near Columbia Blvd. Wastewater Treatment Facility- I’m a huge proponent in learning about your natural surroundings. What are the native species in your area? What are the bodies of water near you, and the mountains and hills that surround your city/town? Do you know where your tap water comes from? I encourage everyoneContinue reading “Columbia Slough Part II- Natural Surroundings Education”

Appreciating All Critters Through Example

“The way a child discovers the world constantly replicates the way science began.  You start to notice what’s around you, and you get very curious about how things work.  How things interrelate.  It’s as simple as seeing a bug that intrigues you.  You want to know where it goes at night; who its friends are;Continue reading “Appreciating All Critters Through Example”