Exploring Powell Butte Nature Park (East Portland)

As dog owners, we are always trying to find new pockets of nature to explore that are dog friendly. (i.e.- We won’t bother others if we let them off leash, and we aren’t in danger of getting in trouble.) As an eco-concious person however, I also want to ensure the area isn’t sensitive to disturbance,Continue reading “Exploring Powell Butte Nature Park (East Portland)”

Exploring Sauvie Island

My very favorite new sights and things to experience are natural areas. A visit to the woods, river, beach, anything that gets me outdoors! (I’m known to really love patios and rooftop bars/restaurants as well). So, it made perfect sense that my first outing on my year-long mission to explore something new every month, wasContinue reading “Exploring Sauvie Island”