Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since we moved into our new home! We owe the fabulous non-profit Proud Ground for the amazing opportunity. When I first moved to Portland 5+ years ago, I noticed houses with “Proud Ground” signs in front indicating the home was for sale. I looked into Proud GroundContinue reading “Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents”

Earth Day – SOLVE – FORCE LAKE – Volunteer #3

-Our Volunteer Crew- Continuing my 2013 Volunteer Series, here is our super duper fun EARTH DAY volunteer gig. (I know this was a couple months ago, but better late than never.) Being outside is key for me on Earth Day, and finding a way to give back and volunteer is even better. Thankfully, we liveContinue reading “Earth Day – SOLVE – FORCE LAKE – Volunteer #3”