Hiking The Gorge – Oregon Side

Columbia Gorge -View From the Top-                                                                                                  Continue reading “Hiking The Gorge – Oregon Side”

Columbia Slough- What Is It?

(Columbia Slough on Bike Bridge Near the Wastewater Treatment Plant) Whenever I move to a new area, I immediately seek out the nature spots nearby, and best places to walk my dogs. When I moved to Portland OR., and started exploring my neighborhood, I stumbled upon the nature reserve on Columbia Boulevard next to theContinue reading “Columbia Slough- What Is It?”

University of Oregon…The Natural Side

Last week I was asked to assemble a slideshow presentation for one of my journalism classes representing the University of Oregon.  The assignment asked us to market to incoming potential UO students and highlight what the school means to us.  I’m sure most students will highlight the football team (well, we are number one)!  OrContinue reading “University of Oregon…The Natural Side”