Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since we moved into our new home! We owe the fabulous non-profit Proud Ground for the amazing opportunity. When I first moved to Portland 5+ years ago, I noticed houses with “Proud Ground” signs in front indicating the home was for sale. I looked into Proud GroundContinue reading “Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents”


March 28th, 2015 is a Big Day! This Saturday provides several ways to ramp up for April Earth Month! If you are near the coast, you have the opportunity to give back to Oregon in the morning hours by volunteering with SOLVE at one of their beach cleanup sites. (Obviously a nonprofit I love sinceContinue reading “SOLVE, NATIVE PLANTS & EARTH HOUR UNITE!”

Roadside Libraries

Free Books Right on the Side of the Road! Several months ago, walking my dogs around the neighborhood in North Portland, I came across this little box on the side of the road. Obviously I was intrigued with my first roadside library encounter. I started envisioning walking down here with my daughter and the dogs,Continue reading “Roadside Libraries”

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and Lessons in Avian Health

Although I enjoy my natural “wild” areas, I also really love city parks. Stumbling upon Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden was such a treat for me in a day that was packed with appointments and informational interviews. I had two hours between items on my calendar, when I typed “city park” into my trusty smart phone, andContinue reading “Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and Lessons in Avian Health”

Exploring Sauvie Island

My very favorite new sights and things to experience are natural areas. A visit to the woods, river, beach, anything that gets me outdoors! (I’m known to really love patios and rooftop bars/restaurants as well). So, it made perfect sense that my first outing on my year-long mission to explore something new every month, wasContinue reading “Exploring Sauvie Island”