PCT Oregon Day 7 – Klum Landing Campground to Brown Mtn. Shelter

Day SevenToday’s Miles: 13.4Total Miles: 74Klum Landing Campground to Brown Mountain Shelter Motivated to beat the heat, Hadlie was up by 6:30 a.m. ready to break down camp and hit the trail. I was awake an hour earlier, and had plenty of time for my morning yoga and meditation. I retrieved the bear bag hangingContinue reading “PCT Oregon Day 7 – Klum Landing Campground to Brown Mtn. Shelter”

Oregon PCT Day 6 – Hyatt Lake to Klum Landing Campground

Day SixToday’s Miles: 8.2Total Miles: 60.6Hyatt Lake to Klum Landing Campground The mileage was low today because my daughter joined me, and we wanted to start out slow. The two of us did a pretty epic backpacking trip together last September to celebrate her high school graduation. She didn’t really love that experience, and itContinue reading “Oregon PCT Day 6 – Hyatt Lake to Klum Landing Campground”

Pacific Crest Trail Oregon – Day 5 to Hyatt Lake

Day FiveToday’s Miles: 11.6Total Miles: 52.4Camp 7 (near Hobart Bluff Trailhead) to Hyatt Lake I slept in until 6:30 a.m., and started my morning with yoga stretches and meditation. I focused on affirmations of safety, wellness, and “I’ve got this!” I wanted to face my fear. I was determined to be brave. Today was theContinue reading “Pacific Crest Trail Oregon – Day 5 to Hyatt Lake”

PCT Oregon – Day 4: Passing Pilot Rock to Hobart Bluff

Day FourToday’s Miles: 11.5Total Miles: 40.8Callahan’s Mountain Lodge to Camp 7 (near Hobart Bluff Trailhead) Sleep did not go so well last night. I tossed and turned in my big comfortable bed with pillows. You just never know with sleep…My daughter had an 8 a.m. Zoom meeting for work, and I was up on myContinue reading “PCT Oregon – Day 4: Passing Pilot Rock to Hobart Bluff”

Oregon PCT Backpacking Day 3 to Callahan’s Lodge

Day ThreeToday’s Miles: 9Total Miles: 29.3Mt. Ashland Campground to Callahan’s Mountain Lodge I slept MUCH better last night with the help of the wind lulling me to sleep. It took some time for me to figure out how to be comfortable without a pillow. Carl has decided a pillow will be his one luxury itemContinue reading “Oregon PCT Backpacking Day 3 to Callahan’s Lodge”

Oregon PCT Day 2: Wrangle Camp to Mt. Ashland Campground

Day TwoToday’s Miles: 12.6Total Miles: 20.3Wrangle Campground to Mt. Ashland Campground Night one was one of the weirdest nights I had on the entire trail, and I was really happy not to be alone. It was a rough night of sleeping, or rather not sleeping. We heard creatures constantly through the night. Things walking aroundContinue reading “Oregon PCT Day 2: Wrangle Camp to Mt. Ashland Campground”

Oregon Pacific Crest Trail – Preparation and Day 1 to Wrangle Camp

Today’s Miles: 7.7Total Miles: 7.7 Like many outdoor enthusiasts, I’ve dreamed of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I never really envisioned myself doing the whole thing at once, rather tackling sections bit by bit. One larger goal however, was hiking all of Oregon in one continual stretch, and that is exactly what I accomplished theContinue reading “Oregon Pacific Crest Trail – Preparation and Day 1 to Wrangle Camp”

Hiking The Gorge – Oregon Side

Columbia Gorge -View From the Top-                                                                                                  Continue reading “Hiking The Gorge – Oregon Side”

Exploring Powell Butte Nature Park (East Portland)

As dog owners, we are always trying to find new pockets of nature to explore that are dog friendly. (i.e.- We won’t bother others if we let them off leash, and we aren’t in danger of getting in trouble.) As an eco-concious person however, I also want to ensure the area isn’t sensitive to disturbance,Continue reading “Exploring Powell Butte Nature Park (East Portland)”

Enjoying My Immediate Surroundings- A Year of Exploration!

I got bit by the travel bug when I was very young, and as my fellow travelers, adventurers and explorers can attest, I constantly crave new sights and experiences. I am nearly always up for going someplace new, always dreaming of my next big vacation, and I would love a career that provided me opportunitiesContinue reading “Enjoying My Immediate Surroundings- A Year of Exploration!”