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Heather Cyrus 2021 Resume

Work Samples

SecureWorld Blog Post Writing Samples (2020)

Resilience and Innovation:
How Your Business Can Move Beyond the Pandemic

Interview with David Sherry, CISO of Princeton:
Cybersecurity Culture: How Princeton University’s Security Team Created It

Interview with Milinda Rambel Stone, CISO of Provation Medical
Business Continuity Planning Amid Corona Virus: One CISO’s Story

Tips on becoming  a leader with Randy Raw, VP, Information Security, Veterans United Home Loans
Cybersecurity Career Development: Becoming a Leader

Kristin Judge & the Cybercrime Support Network
Cybercrime: How to Report and Recover

Inflexion Blog Post Writing Samples (2021)

A resource on conducting empathy interviews with students
Conduct Empathy Interviews

Published Academic Report
Partnering with University of Oregon and the city of Salem, OR. This report makes green urban design suggestions for the renovation of Glen Creek Apartment complex / Orchard Village.

Environmental Leadership Program                                                          
A website our team created for our environmental education project. Includes summaries of our field trips, lesson plans, photo gallery and information on our community partners and the West Eugene Wetlands.

Press Release                                                                                                                 Eugene Village School (K-8 Charter School) Fundraiser and Day of Service- Earth Action Day (celebrating Earth Day)                                                                 Measuring Success: 120 students participated, raised roughly $6,000, and media coverage from one radio station and one local television news station.

Sample Written Speech                                                                                              (Student Project)- Written as Communications Director of The Oregon Coast Aquarium. Content is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Social Media Strategy                                                                        
Prepared For The Green Product Design Network (GDPN)

Donation Request Letter
With Creative Brief- Prepared For The GDPN

PowerPoint Presentation                                                                                          Social Media Plan for (GDPN)

Newsletter Writing Samples

Newsletter October : Scottish Seabird Centre (North Berwick Scotland)

Eugene Weekly Newspaper Articles (2011) – 6-month internship

Crawfish, Crawdad, Crayfish
Whatever you call them … they’re invading Oregon
By Heather Cyrus HERE

Green on Top (Eco Roof)
Great for the environment, wallet, health and wellbeing
By Heather Cyrus : Here

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