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Heather Cyrus
Pacific Northwest Native
Lived nearly my whole life in Oregon
Currently residing in Portland, Oregon

Thanks for visiting my blog! I was raised to appreciate and enjoy the natural world. My passion for the environment and studying environmental justice, ecotourism, green design, renewable energy, green cities, biodiversity, and biology led me to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies.

My knack for event planning, community organizing, and media communications led me to pursue a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations.

My two degrees from the University of Oregon dovetail nicely, providing me the tools to play my part in protecting natural areas in a constantly changing world of communications. I believe strongly in environmental education, and communicating the beauty and necessity of local stewardship. Being a mother is a daily reminder of the importance to lead by example for our younger generations. I strive to do all I can in my daily activities to make healthy choices for my community and family.

This blog is full of observational snapshots, often my own experiences being a mother, teacher and life-long student.  I warmly welcome comments and encourage continuous dialogue. Thank you for joining me!

2021 Life Update:
The past few years I’ve found myself busy with a toddler / preschooler (yes, I’m a mother times two now), sending my older “kiddo” off to college, and working a full time job, so I haven’t carved out the time to write much. However, I had an amazing opportunity to backpack the entire state of Oregon last summer (2020) on the Pacific Crest Trail (all 455 miles), and I’m sharing my adventure now. You can start with Day 1: Here

Interested in my career transition amidst Covid and the changing dynamics of communication? Check out this post from June 2020.

For now, I’m performing contract work for an education nonprofit, and looking for more work opportunities, either contract based, or full time employment.

I love growing my circle – so connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram

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  1. Heather,
    If you are also a reporter for Eugene Weekly, please call my cell 541 968 0655. Your message was cut off and I didn’t get the last digit. Monday evening.

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