Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since we moved into our new home! We owe the fabulous non-profit Proud Ground for the amazing opportunity. When I first moved to Portland 5+ years ago, I noticed houses with “Proud Ground” signs in front indicating the home was for sale. I looked into Proud GroundContinue reading “Celebrating One Year in the New Home – Kenton to Lents”

Triple “R” July & August Give-Back

Racking up those give-back hours this summer, I’m working on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle realm – wrapped up in the all-important education component. I started a compost bucket a few weeks ago at work. It was something I thought about for months, but I wasn’t sure how well-received it would be. Some people think, “ohContinue reading “Triple “R” July & August Give-Back”


March 28th, 2015 is a Big Day! This Saturday provides several ways to ramp up for April Earth Month! If you are near the coast, you have the opportunity to give back to Oregon in the morning hours by volunteering with SOLVE at one of their beach cleanup sites. (Obviously a nonprofit I love sinceContinue reading “SOLVE, NATIVE PLANTS & EARTH HOUR UNITE!”

Earth Day – SOLVE – FORCE LAKE – Volunteer #3

-Our Volunteer Crew- Continuing my 2013 Volunteer Series, here is our super duper fun EARTH DAY volunteer gig. (I know this was a couple months ago, but better late than never.) Being outside is key for me on Earth Day, and finding a way to give back and volunteer is even better. Thankfully, we liveContinue reading “Earth Day – SOLVE – FORCE LAKE – Volunteer #3”

Giving Back at the Oregon Food Bank

Second Installment in my Volunteer for a Year series- Introducing… The Oregon Food Bank Filling the role as service learning project coordinator this year for my daughter’s 6th grade class at the Portland Village School– we chose The Oregon Food Bank  (OFB) as our organization to volunteer for. When we arrived on site, we were introducedContinue reading “Giving Back at the Oregon Food Bank”

Columbia Slough Part IV – Environmental Education

My Volunteer Experience The Columbia Slough Watershed Council (CSWC) works directly with several of my passions: outdoor place-based education, service learning projects and stewardship. I volunteered with their Slough School education program, which works with students in the surrounding schools. Staff members visit classrooms and teach students  a wide range of topics, such as water qualityContinue reading “Columbia Slough Part IV – Environmental Education”

Columbia Slough Part III – The Interview…A Peek Behind The Scenes

-Volunteer Series-             The Interview    Columbia Slough Watershed Council (CSWC)                                              Meet The Employees!                              Nathan Barrett –Continue reading “Columbia Slough Part III – The Interview…A Peek Behind The Scenes”

A Year to Volunteer!

Project Introduction “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi Aligning with this years networking focus, and launching my presence out in the community, I am VOLUNTEERING! I have volunteered for more than a dozen organizations in various capacities over the years ranging from tablingContinue reading “A Year to Volunteer!”