PCT Oregon Day 10 to Seven Lakes Basin

Day 10Today’s Miles: 13.1Total Miles: 112.6Island Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness) to Camp 10 (Seven Lakes Basin) I was awake at sunrise and ready to get out of Island Lake camp. Although I didn’t sleep well, I never let fear completely take over. I was a little scared off and on, but nothing debilitating. Last nightContinue reading “PCT Oregon Day 10 to Seven Lakes Basin”

Pacific Crest Trail Oregon: Day 9 to Island Lake

Day NineToday’s Miles: 15.6Total Miles: 99.5Fish Lake to Island Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness) Despite feeling completely safe last night, I didn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned, waking up a dozen times. This became my new normal, and it wasn’t because I was uncomfortable. I had an amazing sleeping pad I LOVE, that’s cushy andContinue reading “Pacific Crest Trail Oregon: Day 9 to Island Lake”