Snow, Soul Healing Fun, with a Story of Planned Obsolescence

In my year-long journey to explore areas closer to home, my second adventure included a beautiful warm sunny day on Mt. Hood. Growing up in Bend Oregon, I had plenty of experiences on and around Mt. Bachelor, but I’ve  explored the Mt. Hood area very little. I grew up cross-country skiing, and honestly didn’t care forContinue reading “Snow, Soul Healing Fun, with a Story of Planned Obsolescence”

Fighting Planned Obsolescence: The Bike Story

The highlight of my 13th birthday: the gift of a brand new bike.  My father took me to the neighborhood Schwinn store where I picked out a blue framed mountain bike with a neon yellow water bottle holder. The real miracle: I still use this bike every day! For more than 20 years, this bikeContinue reading “Fighting Planned Obsolescence: The Bike Story”