Oregon PCT Day 12 – Mazama Village to Crater Lake Rim

Day 12Today’s Miles: 5Total Miles: 139.2Mazama Village (Crater Lake Campground) to Crater Lake Rim My first “kinda” zero day. The plan was to hike along the rim tomorrow with my dad, and then reconnect with the PCT to continue north. I decided to hike the small section from the campground up to the Crater LakeContinue reading “Oregon PCT Day 12 – Mazama Village to Crater Lake Rim”

Hiking the Oregon PCT Day 11 to Mazama Village (Crater Lake): 22-Mile Day

Day 11Today’s Miles: 21.6Total Miles: 134.2Camp 10 (Seven Lakes Basin) to Mazama Village (Crater Lake Campground) I knew it was imperative to get an early start today. The plan was to hike nearly 22 miles – something I’ve never done before in my life, and I wanted to give myself as much time as IContinue reading “Hiking the Oregon PCT Day 11 to Mazama Village (Crater Lake): 22-Mile Day”

PCT Oregon Day 10 to Seven Lakes Basin

Day 10Today’s Miles: 13.1Total Miles: 112.6Island Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness) to Camp 10 (Seven Lakes Basin) I was awake at sunrise and ready to get out of Island Lake camp. Although I didn’t sleep well, I never let fear completely take over. I was a little scared off and on, but nothing debilitating. Last nightContinue reading “PCT Oregon Day 10 to Seven Lakes Basin”

Pacific Crest Trail Oregon: Day 9 to Island Lake

Day NineToday’s Miles: 15.6Total Miles: 99.5Fish Lake to Island Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness) Despite feeling completely safe last night, I didn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned, waking up a dozen times. This became my new normal, and it wasn’t because I was uncomfortable. I had an amazing sleeping pad I LOVE, that’s cushy andContinue reading “Pacific Crest Trail Oregon: Day 9 to Island Lake”

PCT Oregon – Day 8 to Fish Lake

Day EightToday’s Miles: 9.9 Total Miles: 83.9Brown Mountain Shelter to Fish Lake It was a little strange to wake up with so many people in camp. It was quiet, and I wasn’t sure when it was appropriate to get up and move around. I was awake at my usual 5:30 a.m., but stayed in theContinue reading “PCT Oregon – Day 8 to Fish Lake”