PCT Oregon – Day 38 to Lolo Pass

In the summer of 2020, I backpacked the entire Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Here is Day 38 – the epic day of hiking from Timberline Lodge to Lolo Pass. Crossing three rivers, wildflower packed meadows, and hiking in the dark.

PCT Oregon Day 10 to Seven Lakes Basin

Day 10Today’s Miles: 13.1Total Miles: 112.6Island Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness) to Camp 10 (Seven Lakes Basin) I was awake at sunrise and ready to get out of Island Lake camp. Although I didn’t sleep well, I never let fear completely take over. I was a little scared off and on, but nothing debilitating. Last nightContinue reading “PCT Oregon Day 10 to Seven Lakes Basin”

Oregon PCT Backpacking Day 3 to Callahan’s Lodge

Day ThreeToday’s Miles: 9Total Miles: 29.3Mt. Ashland Campground to Callahan’s Mountain Lodge I slept MUCH better last night with the help of the wind lulling me to sleep. It took some time for me to figure out how to be comfortable without a pillow. Carl has decided a pillow will be his one luxury itemContinue reading “Oregon PCT Backpacking Day 3 to Callahan’s Lodge”

Oregon PCT Day 2: Wrangle Camp to Mt. Ashland Campground

Day TwoToday’s Miles: 12.6Total Miles: 20.3Wrangle Campground to Mt. Ashland Campground Night one was one of the weirdest nights I had on the entire trail, and I was really happy not to be alone. It was a rough night of sleeping, or rather not sleeping. We heard creatures constantly through the night. Things walking aroundContinue reading “Oregon PCT Day 2: Wrangle Camp to Mt. Ashland Campground”