Pacific Crest Trail Oregon – Day 29 to Three Fingered Jack

Backpacking the Oregon Pacific Crest Trail – Summer 2020. Day 29 takes me from Lava Camp Lake Campground to the base of Three Fingered Jack on my biggest mileage day yet – nearly 25 miles and traversing TWO mountains!

PCT Oregon – Day 8 to Fish Lake

Day EightToday’s Miles: 9.9 Total Miles: 83.9Brown Mountain Shelter to Fish Lake It was a little strange to wake up with so many people in camp. It was quiet, and I wasn’t sure when it was appropriate to get up and move around. I was awake at my usual 5:30 a.m., but stayed in theContinue reading “PCT Oregon – Day 8 to Fish Lake”

Oregon PCT Day 6 – Hyatt Lake to Klum Landing Campground

Day SixToday’s Miles: 8.2Total Miles: 60.6Hyatt Lake to Klum Landing Campground The mileage was low today because my daughter joined me, and we wanted to start out slow. The two of us did a pretty epic backpacking trip together last September to celebrate her high school graduation. She didn’t really love that experience, and itContinue reading “Oregon PCT Day 6 – Hyatt Lake to Klum Landing Campground”

PCT Oregon – Day 4: Passing Pilot Rock to Hobart Bluff

Day FourToday’s Miles: 11.5Total Miles: 40.8Callahan’s Mountain Lodge to Camp 7 (near Hobart Bluff Trailhead) Sleep did not go so well last night. I tossed and turned in my big comfortable bed with pillows. You just never know with sleep…My daughter had an 8 a.m. Zoom meeting for work, and I was up on myContinue reading “PCT Oregon – Day 4: Passing Pilot Rock to Hobart Bluff”

Oregon Pacific Crest Trail – Preparation and Day 1 to Wrangle Camp

Today’s Miles: 7.7Total Miles: 7.7 Like many outdoor enthusiasts, I’ve dreamed of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I never really envisioned myself doing the whole thing at once, rather tackling sections bit by bit. One larger goal however, was hiking all of Oregon in one continual stretch, and that is exactly what I accomplished theContinue reading “Oregon Pacific Crest Trail – Preparation and Day 1 to Wrangle Camp”